Wednesday, June 3, 2020

Cold Biscuits

Today, is the first day of my children’s summer break from school. On these days, they get up so quietly and even collect Sam, the 4-year-old, hoping they can sneak video games while I sleep in. Even though I’m upstairs sneaking around so they think I’m sleeping. While John I and love getting up early and having the quite house to ourselves for prayer and meditation. My kids and I have this funny, undisclosed agreement, that if we don’t acknowledge each other, we will get to do what we really want to do. Today, after my personal time, I decided to make biscuits. I made them, set the table, put on some calming music (whichis essential with four boys) I even set out jam to add to the fun. Then I went downstairs to find them all lined up on the couch, playing video games together. I said, very gently, “Good morning boys, I made biscuits, come on up and have breakfast with me while they are hot.” I went back up stairs and started reading at the breakfast table. They finally came up to cold biscuits 15 minutes later. While sitting there waiting for them, the Lord showed me the parallel. My kids would have come up right away if I had insisted, but I don’t feel love and respect in the relationship when I’m always shouting orders. It is wonderful when they hear my gentle voice and respond and act right away. Their obedience means more to me when they respond to my gentle voice. How many times have I been eating cold biscuits at Jesus table? How many times have I been slow to respond to His guidance and robbed myself of the full wonderful faith-growing experience? The Father does shout orders at some. i.e. Jonah, the apostle Paul,Balaam. But I would rather not have to be blinded, nearly drowned or scolded by a donkey in order for God to get my attention. No, I would rather be eager to hear my Father’s command and follow him. But just like my kids, it takes practice. I won’t hear the gentle leading of my Father into big life decisions if I don’t practice listening to gentle calls to warm, fresh biscuits. Like a smile and greeting to a neighbor, or a gentle nudge to call up a sibling, or friend; maybe even a whisper to sit and read a book to a little one. With practice, we can find ourselves growing in faith and love and obedience.